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Do you enjoy going off the beaten track on our beautiful island to spend time truly alone with the world? Well if so then wild camping might be for you! However, apart from the necessary preparations required for wild camping there are also some very important wild camping codes of conduct that you should familiarise yourself with. These are outlined below.

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Wild camping has so many benefits. You can enjoy panoramic views and the solitude Ireland's countryside has to offer. There are a number of designated wild camping spots across the country including National Parks and on Coillte Land. Wherever you decide to pitch your tent it is crucial to remember the wild camping code!

Campsites must be at least 400m from a road capable of carrying a vehicle.

Campsites must be at least 400m from a building.

Tents must be moved after every second night to allow vegetation to recover.

Campers must remove all food waste and litter, whether or not it is biodegradable.

Soap and toothpaste must be kept at least 30m away from watercourses.

Dish and utensil washing must be conducted at least 30m from water bodies. all water waste should be strained and scattered. In no circumstances should water waste used in washing be poured into lakes, streams or rivers.

Campers are required to conduct themselves in a quiet manner in an effort to avoid disturbing the local community, wildlife or other visitors.

Campsites must be kept visually unobtrusive

Campsites must be left as found

Remember the wild camping motto 'Leave No Trace' and enjoy a night under the stars or in the wilderness. 

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