Cead Mile Failte!

Finally, KamperFan is born.

Read about who we are, our journey and how we brought kamperfan to life. We welcome feedback and hope you enjoy the site. Thanks a million, Brian & Jane.

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Welcome to KamperFan!

In 2018 my wife and I bought our first ever caravan after returning home from a family holiday in France. We have three kids and love to explore and usually spend the summer travelling around Ireland so we thought why not. We were complete novices to start with but after the first hour of our first camping trip in County Wexford we were hooked. It's hard not to be when you meet genuine, friendly and fun people like the Irish camper.

When we got home from our first season touring we realised that this Irish camper deserves more than the generic platforms for communicating with their camper pals, selling their preloved camping gear and so the idea of 'kamperfan' was born. We decided to build a dedicated camping platform to meet all the needs of the Irish camper.

It took us two years and at times we doubted if we could achieve; camping directories with advanced search filters, a members clubhouse and geolocated amenities however we persevered and now we can bring you those features and more on Kamperfan.

Kamperfan is a community platform where we want to hear from you, your views and reviews on experiences, destinations and even your best camping recipes. Take a snap and share it with our members, store your camping memories in one location and message other members directly.

By joining our club of camping enthusiasts you are part of this unique site and enjoy all it offers on a private platform. 

Thank you for reading and if you have any feedback or queries please contact us on our live chat. We are here and happy to help.

Go raibh mile maith agat,

Brian & Jane.

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